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You can find this in a newspaper, online, on TV or on the street. It's a message that tells people about something.
blog post
You write this as part of an online diary. You might write something interesting that you'd like others to read.
This is a message that you type on the computer and then send to someone. You can attach photos to it.
greetings card
This is something you give to a friend or a family member. It's to wish someone a happy birthday, for example.
chat message
This is a way of having a conversation with someone online. You send these messages from a computer or a mobile phone.
This is like a story with drawings and sometimes words. It's usually funny and you can find it in newspapers and magazines.
You can look at this to find places to go on holiday. It's usually a thin book with photos.
This is a piece of paper or card that gives information about museums, galleries or special offers in shops.
This is a short message that you see on a building. It usually gives some useful information about what to do in that place.
This is a short message that you usually write on paper. You might write it when you want to make a list.
sign language
This is a language used by people who cannot hear. It uses movements of the hands to communicate things.
text message
This is a text that you type on your mobile phone to send to someone. It's usually short.
This is the text that describes a photo in a newspaper.
front page
This is the first page of a newspaper. It's where the most important news is published.
This is the title of a piece of writing in a newspaper.
This is a piece of writing about a subject that is published in a newspaper or magazine.
sports news
In this type of TV programme, you hear football results.
You do this when you ask someone lots of questions about themselves.
In this type of text, a person gives their opinion about a TV programme or film.
world news
In this type of TV programme, you learn about events in different countries.
fashion section
You read about shoes and clothes in this part of a magazine.
This person interviews other people and informs us of news.