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This person studies how people lived in the past. This person looks for ancient objects in the ground.
computer technician
This person repairs laptops and makes sure that a system operates correctly.
This person works in the government. This person debates and creates laws to help make our society better.
This person helps people when their muscles or joints hurt.
veterinary nurse
This person helps to look after animals that are injured or sick. This person usually wears a white overall
This person fits and repairs pipes. These pipes are used for carrying water indoors and outdoors.
This person investigates crimes. This person can be a police officer or can work on their own.
This person fits and repairs wires. These wires transport electricity indoors and outdoors.
This person works in an office or a bank. This person has meetings and has to make important decisions.
security guard
This person protects buildings, objects or people. This person usually wears a uniform.
tour guide
This person takes tourists to a new place. This person gives the tourists information and answers their questions.
graphic designer
This person uses a computer to create pictures. This person designs things like magazines, posters and adverts.
go to university
You do this when you finish school and when you want to study more.
leave home
You do this when you don't live with your parents any more.
get a job
You do this when you leave school and want to earn some money.
go backpacking
You do this when you travel around the world with a backpack.
fall in love
You do this when you start to love another person.
start a business
You do this when you set up your own company.
learn to drive
You do this when you take classes so that you can pass your licence.
have children
You do this when you have babies when you are an adult.