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sea kayaking
You do this activity on water. You sit in a small boat and move it with a paddle.
wildlife spotting
You use a pair of binoculars to do this activity. You need to move very slowly and quietly so you don't scare the animals.
palm tree
This tall plant has got a long narrow trunk and no branches. At the top, there are large wide leaves.
This is a hard substance that grows in the sea or ocean. It's home to many tropical fish.
This is a kind of bed. It's made of a large piece of cloth. You tie the cloth to a tree at each end.
giant tortoise
This enormous creature is only found on tropical islands like the Galapagos Islands. It's got a large hard shell and claws.
have a nap
People often do this activity in the middle of the day, after lunch. It's a short sleep.
sea lion
This large marine animal lives in many places around the world. It's a mammal and it's got whiskers and a long nose.
scuba diving
You do this activity under the water. You wear a tank on your back and breathe in oxygen through a tube.
tropical fish
These creatures live in the seas and oceans close to the equator. They're often brightly coloured.
This is the land that's on the edge of a river, a lake, the sea or the ocean. It can be sandy or rocky.
boogie boarding
You do this activity in the sea or ocean. You lie down on a small flat board and surf on the waves.
travel in space
This is when you go in a rocket to another planet or the moon.
meet a famous person
This is when you see and speak to someone who is well known, a celebrity for example.
win the lottery
This is when you buy a lucky ticket and get lots of money.
travel back in time
This is when you go to another period in history.
be invisible
This is when something or someone cannot be seen.
have three wishes
This is when you can ask for three things you would like.
see an alien
This is when a creature from another planet appears.
be the president
This is when a person is the political leader of a country.