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Unit 9 English vocabulary

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This is a strong piece of fabric that you paint on. It's usually white and square or rectangular.
This object is flat and rectangular. You usually find it on a classroom wall and you use chalk to write on it.
This is a small flat computer. It's easy to carry from place to place.
You wear these over your ears. They're used for listening to music or sound.
interactive whiteboard
This is a large board that's connected to a computer in a classroom. You write on it using a special pen.
This is a soft white rock. It's used for writing or drawing on a blackboard.
This is something that you wear on top of your clothes. It looks like a coat and it keeps your clothes clean.
This is a wooden structure. You put your canvas on it when you're painting a picture.
rows of desks
This is a line of tables that you sit at in a classroom.
oil paints
You use these when you want to paint on a canvas. They're thick and oily and you need a paintbrush to use them.
You wear these when you do experiments or when you make things in a workshop. They protect your eyes.
This is a place where people do scientific experiments. You need to protect your clothes and your eyes when you work here.
This is a cupboard where you store your books and other personal things at school.
You look at this to see when your classes begin and end.
sports kit
You need to take this to do PE. It contains your trainers and other equipment.
musical instrument
A piano, a violin and a guitar are examples of this.
geometry set
You use this in your Maths class. It contains objects in different shapes, for example a ruler and a compass.
In this scientific subject you learn about heat, light and other forms of energy.
In this scientific subject you study different substances.
In this subject you read and talk about different books.