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Unit 3. English vocabulary

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This is green and the same shape as a pear. There’s a big stone in the middle of it.
These are seeds of plants that are cooked and eaten. There're often white, red, brown or black.
This is red meat that you get from cows. People sometimes make burgers using this meat.
chilli pepper
This vegetable can be red, yellow, orange or green. It's long and thin and it's usually hot and spicy.
This is a hard brown spice. It's ground into a powder and then added to savoury food or sweet food.
This yellow vegetable grows in large fields. People cook the vegetable to eat it, or they make flour from it.
This small white vegetable grows underground. It's usually added to savoury food and it's got a strong smell.
These are creatures that live in the sea. They're small and pink once they've been cooked.
This fruit is small and green. Its juice is used in cooking.
This round vegetable grows in the ground and it can be red, white or yellow. People often add it to savoury food.
These nuts grow underground. People often roast them and eat them with salt.
This is meat from a bird. The bird is bigger than a chicken. People often eat this meat at Christmas.
drink fizzy drinks
You do this when you're thirsty. This liquid has got sugar in it.
do exercise
You do this when you run or walk.
drink water
You do this when you're thirsty. This clear liquid is good for you.
eat fruit and vegetables
You do this when you have an apple, a pear or some mushrooms.
eat junk food
You do this when you have burgers and chips.
spend time on the computer
You do this when you do things on your laptop.
You do this when you relax or sleep.
go for walks
You do this when you go to the park with your dog.