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These small, round, colourful objects are used for making jewellery. They're often made of glass or clay.
This is a character made from wood, material or paper which you can use to tell a story.
do origami
When you do this activity, you fold paper to make a model. You can make models of animals, people and objects.
You use this soft, wet material when you make pots. It becomes hard when you put it in the oven.
do traditional dancing
When you do this activity, you do movements that are typical of your country or your region.
perform a play
When you do this activity, you stand on a stage and act out a story. You usually wear a costume.
create an animation
When you do this activity, you make pictures of animals and people and they appear to move. Now they are made digitally.
These are clothes that are typical of a place or a region. Actors also wear these clothes when they perform on a stage.
This is a platform at the front of the theatre. The actors stand on it when they perform a play.
make jewellery
When you do this activity, you make rings, bracelets and necklaces. You can use materials like gold and silver.
do ceramics
When you do this activity, you use your hands to make plates and cups from clay. This activity is messy, but good fun.
make a film
When you do this activity, you record a moving image and create a story. You need a video camera and some actors.
This person performs in a film or a play.
graffiti artist
This person paints on walls in public places.
fashion designer
This person creates new styles of clothes.
film director
This person tells people how to perform on a film set.
This person writes music.
This person takes photographs as a job.
sound engineer
This person records sound in a studio.
This person invents and writes stories.