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Team Starkid
A supermegaawesomefoxyhot theatre group
Joey Richter
Crooked-Jaw Man
Darren Criss
One Of The Founders
Lauren Lopez
Beautiful, Talented Woman
Jamie Lyn Beatty
Beautifully Voiced Woman
Joseph Walker
A man of many voices
Brian Rosenthal
This man deserves an Oscar
Brian Holden
He works with managing, but is an amazing singer
Clark Baxtresser
The group's pianist with a voice of an angel
Meredith Stepien
Beautiful woman who married Brian Holden
Correy Dorris
Kind of underrated boi
Rachael Soglin
Definitely underrated beautiful singer person
Denise Donovan
An amazing choreographer and actress
Jeff Blim
Gremlin Man
Julia Albain
Beautiful woman and singer and everything
Tyler Brunsman
He played Cedric
Nick Lang
A writer and actor
Matt Lang
A writer
Dylan Saunders
One of the best singers
All The Members
There are more members but there is no way I can put them all but they're all supermegafoxyawesomehot