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Åvdastallame lij vuarbáladtje jah ådtjuoj alvvájis buarake lájtuov.
The show was a success and received brilliant criticism.
Jüs Rïjkaladtjegallerïjasne vádtsiebe die máhttiebe dab uđđa mánnákånsstavuasátallamuv geähttjat.
If we go to the National Gallery we can see the new children's art exhibition.
Dah vuastas olympialadtje stågah Greklándasne lägedüvven, ühttjijmüst 3500 jábieh dan rájieste.
The first Olympic Games were held in Greece at least 3500 years ago.
Mïjjah dahkkijmeh mübbieláhkáje stänijmeh hiäjmasne båries filmuv giähtjatjit.
We changed our mind and stayed home to watch an old movie.