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Sådna sïjttá åsieskujnna sjaddat, jüs áj suvsne leä máhttielis gïrssaliäbmáje
She wants to be a businesswoman, even if it is dance she has talent for.
Árggabiejvien månna bïjlla-dïvvuodahkkasne bargguv, valla sárgguome jah müllediebmie leä muv eälljuo.
Everyday I work in a car repair shop, but my hobby is drawing and painting.
Månna leäb ussjadame giälijde luhkkat ulgguorïjkan universitiähtasne.
I intend to study languages ​​at a foreign university.
Gåssie leäb skuvluv heäjttáme, galguv månna guellijine jallá buakttjijine sjaddat.
When I quit school, I will become a fisherman or a diver.