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Dållajáddadiejjieh juvrra die miŋŋiele bühtth guh ståhpuo lij buallájame.
The fire brigade arrived just after the house had started to burn.
Tüllereh mähtetjeh gïhttjat jüs duvsnie leäh nága tüllet jah duv gálvuov giähtjadellh.
The customs may ask if you have anything to customs and check your luggage.
Ambassádah leäh ulgguorïjkan dáhvuo jah diplomátagijne leä immunitiähta lahkkuos lágij vuösstie.
Embassies are foreign territory and diplomats have immunity from local laws.
Såbmásh lyjkkijeäh stáđasne urruot, miädá jiätjáh buerijmust arvvatellh iädnamedáhvuosne.
Some prefer to live in the city, while others enjoy the best in the country.
Majddie leäh gájkk' ájgien musïjkuv spiäladame, jallá leäh jiähtjágijne áj barggame?
Have you always played music or have you worked on other things too?
Dijjieh tjuavvarehpede jühttiet ünniebe läjggemevyössije, dállie gåssie vydnadahkka leä betnegahtáh sjaddame?
Do you have to move to a smaller apartment now that the company has gone bankrupt?
Máb sïjth guh stuarránh dahkkat?
What do you want to be when you grow up?