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Leä sádnies?
Is it true? Is that right?
Máb jahttáh?
What did you say? What are you saying?
Majddie dássnie urruoh?
Do you live here?
Mij lïdtja dáhta?
What is this?
Skeneh dådna?
Do you understand?
Ijje, ib månna skeneh.
No, I don't understand.
Ib månna müjtieh.
I don't remember.
Dahkkh buöriev jah nålggsh suajman.
Talk slowly, please. [Do good and speak slowly.]
Majddie dådna sámásth?
Do you speak Sami?
Ij dahkkh majdak!
It doesn't matter!
Iädna gïjttuo!
Many thanks!
Månna leäb sïjlluo.
I am sad.
Man iädnage?
How much?
Månna iähtsáv duv.
I love you.
Månna urruov dássnie.
I live here.