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Biellietïjmasne månna vualgáv.
I'm going in half an hour.
Sïjth dådna dánssuot mujna?
Do you want to dance with me?
Månuoj bühten ájggáje!
We two agree!
Máb dahkkh dássnie?
What are you doing here?
Sïjth dådna nága leäggasuv juvkkat?
Do you want something warm to drink?
Tjåhkkáhe guh såmies dáj stuvlijne?
Is someone sitting in this chair?
Månna leäb sïjjan giäluv liärraminne.
I am learning their language.
Gåssie dådna ruapttuode bådáh?
When are you coming back?
Majddie leäh Ásienisne urrame?
Have you been to Asia?