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Essth dådna båhkkasjiejjien bálddale vádtsiet?
Do you have time to go by the bakery?
Ijje, valla jiđđieden månna hinnuv.
No, but tomorrow I can.
Düssnie leä ålmáj man bïjrra düdnje subtsastijjuv.
There's the man I told you about.
Die gågguo? Majddie leä sådna gühtte niäjdijne dadnie plávva vualpuosne leä hållaminne?
Where is he? Is he talking to the girl in the blue dress?
Die juvrra leäb månna duv uvddale barrabieliev vuajdnáme.
I just saw your ex-girlfriend.
Jüs vist suv vuajnáh, máddielh die suv münnje riŋgget.
If you see her again, ask her to call me.