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Idtjij náganuv münnje dájđieth.
He didn't tell me anything.
Gallie se duvsnie leä suv nummar, ïntán güjt die máhtáh südnje riŋgget.
You have his number anyway, so you can always call him.
Majddie lij sujna daj fiäntij hüllh?
Was it her you talked to a little while ago?
Ijje. Dahtta lij suv åbbá, Dah leägan såmmálágádtje. Leägan juemetjh.
No. It's her sister, she has the same look. Those two are twins.
Muvsnie leäh guökttie frïjja-biljiähtah, konseärttije jïhttátjen miŋŋiele
I have two free tickets to the concert tomorrow.
Ådtjuov månna tjuavvuot?
Can I come with?