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Gåssie vuastas ájgien diehkie bühth?
When did you come here for the first time?
Tjuavvarij die uvddale dådna riägádüvveh. Dallie lijjuv månna barra vïjtan jábien vuaras.
It must have been before you were born. I was only five years old then.
Jehttij sådna galgij máhttsat klåhkka niäljadis gáktsien bijjiele.
He said he would come back at a quarter past eight.
Han sa att han skulle komma tillbaka klockan kvart över åtta. Na, valla die lij hüv juktán!
Yes, but it was yesterday!
Man gühkkies ájgiev dárbahe sådna dab dahkkatjit?
How long does he need to do it?
Ib dájđieh. Gïhttjh jïtjasïssa!
I do not know. Ask him yourself!