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Dájđáv ühttjijmüst tjuöhtie dálah tïjmasne mäkssh.
I know they pay at least a hundred bucks an hour.
Majddie leäh vihtties?
Are you sure?
Månna dåjvuov beärgguojuptsuv lyjkkajih? Sïjth villie?
I hope you enjoyed the meat soup? Do you want more?
Ijje, gïjttuo. Nuahkahuv.
No thanks. I am satisfied.
Gåssie ruapttuode vualgáh?
When are you going back?
Tjuvruv båhtieje vahkkuon ruapttuode vuölggiet.
I have to go back next week.
Ih rockmusijkuv lyjkkh?
Do you not like rock music?
Lyjkkuv, valla tühttjuv årjjielsámiendánsuov leä mürriede guh galguv dánssuot.
I do, but but I prefer South Sami dance when I'm dancing