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Dahtta leä Ánná. Sådna leä akttade muv uđđa viänagijste.
This is Anna. She's one of my new friends.
Månna leäb suv uvddale vuajdnáme.
I've seen her before.
Man gelle bälij leäh urrame dássnie?
How many times have you been here?
Dáhta leä mübbien ájgien leäb dássnie.
This is the second time I am here.
Jáhkáh mähtten suv nelle dårvuostallat?
Do you think we can trust him?
Eän adnieh nága välljeme, leän südnje gájkka muvnan bednegijde vaddáme.
We have no choice, we have given him all our money.