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Månna sïjtatjuv aktuv villie giäluv liärrat.
I would love to have learned another language.
Maggár giäluv sïjtatjh liärrat?
What language would you like to learn?
Ándágis, güssnie máhtáv månna apotiähkuv gávdnat?
Excuse me, where can I find a pharmacy?
Jåŧkieh njualgga uvddane, die båhtieje suörgiesne gårruobieliesne dessne gávnah.
Continue straight ahead and you'll find one at the next intersection on the left.
Üdne månna leäb muv tjidtjiev feärttane sijjiesne uhttsadame. Leäh suv vuajdnáme?
I have been looking for my mother everywhere today. Have you seen her?
Sådna ij leäh dássnie.
She is not here.