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kurisumasu no yotē wa?
what's your plan for Christmas?
kurisumasu wa shigoto desu yo
I'm working on Christmas, obviously
fuyu yasumi
winter holidays
hayaku fuyuyasumi ni naranai kana
can't wait for the days off
shigoto osame da
it's my last day at work this year
atto iuma da ne
it went in the blink of an eye
last year
this year
next year
kotoshi mo iroiro atta ne
so many things happened this year
home (where you grew up)
o shōgatsu wa jikka ni kaeru no?
are you going home for New Year's?
end-of-year party
bōnenkai, iku?
are you going to the end-of-year party?
dare ga kuru no?
who's coming?