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to be enthusiastic
ō, harikitte ru ne
look at you, putting in so much effort!
iī nioi
that smells good
hai, ān shite
come on, open wide!
mata sono hanashi?
that story again?
nankai itta ra wakaru no?
how many times do I have to tell you?
hanashi ga nagai
you talk too much
o tsugi shimasu
let me pour you a drink (respectful)
when (as in 'stop pouring')
to get drunk
moshikashite, yotte ru?
are you drunk by any chance?
not at all
ofureko de onegai shimasu
please keep this off the record
nomi sugi ta
I've had too much to drink
kanji san, arigatō
thank you for organizing this party!
o te o haishaku, yō!
everybody clap, yoh! (party closing ceremony)