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ō misoka
New Year's Eve
mō ikutsu neru to o shōgatsu
how many more nights to New Year? (a song)
mō neru
I'm going to bed now
mada neru na!
don't fall sleep yet!
hatsu hinode
the first sun rise of the New Year
hatsu hinode miyō yo
let's watch the first sun rise
hatsu mōde
visiting temples and shrines at New Year's
hatsu moōde ni issho ni ikanai?
do you want to come shrine visiting with me?
nani o onegai shita no?
what did you wish for?
a secret; I can't tell you
kotoshi no hōfu wa?
what's your New Year's resolution?
nihon go perapera ni naru
I'm gonna get fluent in Japanese
kotoshi koso wa
this year will be the very year I finally do this