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BGA Week 2 Awani / Kagwi Phrases

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awani na?
who is that one?
kagwi ni?
what is that thing?
awani na, na awani
who is that, that one
kagwi ni, ni kagwi
what is that, that thing
awani ni?
whose thing is that?
agma ni
that thing is theirs
awani nihi?
whose one is that?
agma nihi
that one is theirs
awani nihi w'migwenoma?
whose pen is that?
agma nihi w'migwenoma
that's their pen
awani ni w'pilaskom?
whose paper is that?
agma ni w'pilaskom
that's their paper
kinawa awani
look at someone
kina kagwi
look at something
mkwigo awani
someone is red
mkwigen kagwi
something is red
mkwigoa w'migwenoma
their pen is red
mkwigen w'pilaskom
their paper is red