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N’nodawôbna walitôgwzijik, ni nd’alamizinana.
We hear someones who sound good, so we are grateful.
N’nodambna walitôgwakil, ni nd’alamizinana.
We hear somethings that sound good, so we are grateful.
Kitawokw! Awanigik nigik, nigik nodawôak?
Listen! Who are those, those ones that we hear?
Kitamokw! Kagwesol nilil, nilil nodamak?
Listen! What are those, those things that we hear?
Pakholiganak nigik, nigik kikitawôakw.
Those are drums, those ones that youPL are listening to.
Lintowôganal nilil, nilil kikitamakw.
Those are songs, those things that youPL are listening to.
Kagwi wadalamiziakw?
Why are youPL grateful?