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N’namihôbna walinôgwzijik, ni nd’alamikawônana.
We see someones who looks good, so we greet themPL.
N’namitobna walinôgwakil, ni nd’alamikamenana.
We see somethings that looks good, so we greet themPL.
Kinawokw! Awanigik nigik, nigik namihôak?
Look! Who are those, those ones that we see?
Kinamokw! Kagwesol nilil, nilil namitoak?
Look! What are those, those things that we see?
Migwenok nigik, nigik kikinawôakw.
Those are feathers, those ones that youPL are looking at.
Wanibagol nilil, nilil kikinamakw.
Those are leaves, those things that youPL are looking at.
Kagwi wadalamikawôakw?
Why are youPL acknowledging them?
Kagwi wadalamikamakw?
Why are youPL acknowledging it?