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namito kagwi
s/he sees something
k'namiton abon taka?
do/did you see the bed there?
n'kadi namiton alidegwaôn
I want to see your face
k'namihô kwigwigem?
do/did you see the duck?
n'namihô chibai
I see a/the ghost
chaga w’kikinamen
if s/he looks at it
chaga kikinamenô
if youPL look at it; if they look at it
chaga kikinôzo
if it is looked at
waji ôda kizi pazôbikw
because-he-is-not able to-see
ni waji pazôbit
he/she observes from there
ni, alitta na, ôbalôbit
then, just-as that-one, when-she-looks-behind
nod-idamen aida “ôbalôbi.”
Heard-saying, um, “look-behind you.”
kdagihi kikinawa
s/he looks at the other one(s)
kikinawa ala ôda
whether you look at him or not