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ôptepapo nikwôbi
s/he is playing now
k'namiton abon taka?
Do you see the bed there?
akwi kadosmi sibobi
don't drink the river water
wanibakw wizôwigen
the leaf is yellow
kapaga n'maksa
my blanket is thick
n'wajônô pabasba pôtôia
I have half a bottle
awôssisak mezenak papazgowa aplesa
the children received each an apple
pabasi wligen
half of it is good
you speak half and half
kinebiska chakwa
there was thick dew this morning
kezabda niben pamigadek
it is a hot summer this year
kaala tabinôgwat kwagwaji
certainly it is worth a try
msaldo satal kikônek
there are many blueberries in the field
kwagwaji losada Molian
let's try to go to Montreal
ôdaaba tagedatta nôbi
it wouldn't be exactly the same
nodamiagwôn pegeda n'sizegwikok
the smoke irritates my eyes
msalok pitah senojiwi
there is a lot of foam near shore
akwi ni ida mina
don't say that again
akwi klabido nitta
do not make the pie just now
K'pithô mategwas pamgisgak?
Did you catch a rabbit today?
ni kolitbi ponsan ni wji
and then you make a good fire after
waijiwi tôdatbigenol lintowôganal
the songs are always the same
wzômi adagigoak nigik
those people are too dishonest
kwawaji alidbokwaa k'padosem
try to steer your boat well
sokwigoak adoji kadopihidit wji nisôgweniwi
they are weak because they have been hungry for two days
wzômitta kwigowk kdôgmak
snowshoes are too short
tkwikwan kdol
your canoe is heavy