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Nd’elalmô walalmegwzit, ni nd’alamikawôn.
I think they is well-wished, so I acknowledge them.
Nd’elaldamen walalmegwak, ni nd’alamikamen.
I think it is well-wished, so I acknowledge it.
Liwlaldamana hli! Awani na, na kazalmôan?
Please tell me! Who is that, that one that you love?
Liwlaldamana hli! Kagwi ni, ni kazaldaman?
Please tell me! What is that, that thing that you love?
Pakalmegwat! Medawihla na, na kazalmok.
Of course! That’s a/the loon, that one who I love.
Pakalmegwat! Medawagen ni, ni kazaldama.
Of course! That’s a/the flag, that thing that I love.
Awani walalmôan?
Who are you wishing good luck?
Kagwi walaldaman?
What are you wishing good luck?