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it is good (II)
kagwi achowaldaman?
what (inanimate thing) do you want?
awani achowalmôan?
who do you want?
kd'achowaldamba pilaskol?
Would you like some papers?
kagwi askawitoan?
what are you waiting for?
awani askawihôan?
who are you waiting for?
nd'askawihô nidôba
I'm waiting for my friend
kagwi askawitoakw?
what are you (plural) waiting for?
nd'askawito awighiganal ta pilaskol
I'm waiting for some books and some papers
kiziba mili pilaskol?
could you give me some papers?
do you think?
ôda kdelaldamoppa?
don't you think?
nôji nimska pilaskol
go get some papers
nôji abi taka
go sit there
nôji awigha k'wizwôgan
go write your name
akwi ni ida mina
don't say that again
mili psigia awazon
give me a piece of split wood (firewood)
kwagwaji losada Molian
let's try to go to Montreal
witamawi tôni lagwiwi
tell me the directions
witamawi tôni Molian
tell me where Montreal is
wijawi li Molian
come with me to Montreal
losa Molian, ala ôda
go to Montreal, or not.
kd'achowiba kwagwaji wijokadibna
we should try to help one another
tôni wadosaan?
Where are you walking from?
nodosa kpiwi
I've been in the woods
tôni wigian?
where do you live/reside?
ôda n'wawaldamowen
I don't know
ni tabat?
is that enough?
kaala tbinôgwat kwagwaji
it's certainly worth a try
ôdaaba tagedatta nôbi
it wouldn't be exactly the same
kezigihlo chakwakw
the knife is sharp
waijiwi tôdatbigenol lintowôganal
the songs are always the same
wigawôji pmega
he dances often