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SOA1 When People Meet Each Other

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when people meet each other
awani kia?
who are you?
Azô nia
I am John
kagwi kdeliwizi?
what are you named?
I am called
n'wigôdam wanaskolan
nice to meet you
tôni kd'ôhlôwzin
how are you living?
I am well
ôda n'wlidbamalsiw
I'm not well
I am tired
tôni wigian?
where do you live/reside?
n'wigi iodali
I live here
tôni aian?
where you are? / where are you living at?
nd'ain io
I am present here / I'm living here
Tôni wajiawian?
Where are you from?
Nojiawi Nebizonbik.
I am from Medicine Water.
tôni adalalokaan?
where do you work?
N'dalaloka adalalokaa
I am working where I work
good travel