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Mdon / The Mouth

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N’mowô awani walipogwzit, ni nolamalsin
I eat someone who tastes good, so I’m healthy
N’miji kagwi walipogwak, ni nolamalsin
I eat something that tastes good, so I’m healthy
Awani na, na mowok?
Who is that one, that one that I’m eating?
Kagwi ni, ni mijia?
What is that thing, that thing that I’m eating?
Namas na, na mowôan.
That’s fish, that one you are eating.
Wios ni, ni mijian.
That’s meat, that thing you are eating.
Kagwi waji wlamalsian?
Why are you healthy?
n'mowô aples
I-eat a/the apple (TAi/d)
eat thou (IMP); s/he eats someone (TAi)
mowa aples
eat an apple (IMP/TA)
eat something (IMP)
miji wios
eat some meat (IMP/TI)
fish (NA)
meat (NI)