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Mjejakw / The Soul

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when one thinks
s/he thinks
when one thinks
wd'akwi tbidahôdamen
s/he stops thinking about it
he/she stops thinking of him
N’dbidahômô awani walidahômgwzit, ni n’psanilawan
I think of someone who is well-regarded, so I’m satisfied
N’dbidahôdam kagwi walidahômgwak, ni n’psanilawan
I think of something that is well-regarded, so I’m satisfied
Awani na, na tabidahômok?
Who is that one, that one that I think about?
Kagwi ni, ni tabidahôdama?
What is that thing, that thing that I think about?
Mdawlinno na tabidahômôan
That is a Mdawlinno that you think about
Mdawlinôgan ni tabidahôdaman
That is magic that you are thinking about
Kagwi waji psanilawaan?
Why are you satisfied?