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Cecile Wawanolett: Travel

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losada taka
let's go there
kizi nodosa
I already went
I was there
ndelosa n'wigwômnok
I am going home (to-our-home)
pasojiwi ndelosab
nearby I went, I did not go far
n'kadi nôji namihô n'mahom
I want to go see my grandfather
k'namiholji saba
I will see you tomorrow
k'wawinawô na sanôba?
Do you know that man?
ôhô, n'wawinawôb
yes, I knew him
I will know him
n'kadi manohomenal
I want to buy them
tôni lôwadowal?
How much do they cost?
nôji nimska pilaskol
go get some papers
ôda, nimskaji awighiganal
no, I will get the books
tkigen iodali
it is cold in here
I'm hungry
let's eat
he is fine, he is living
nôji abi taka
go sit there
ni tabat?
is that enough?
ôda n'wawaldamowen
I don't know
kagwi askawitoan?
what are you waiting for?
chiga paiôan?
when did you arrive?
today (II)
nôji wanaskawa na awôssis
go meet that child
k'wigiba wanaskawô na nôkskwa?
would you like to meet that girl?
kizi n'wanaskawôb
I have already met her
wait for me