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k'namihô kwigwigem?
do/did you see the duck?
k'pithô mategwas pamgisgak?
do/did you catch a rabbit today?
k'nodawô kwikweskas chakwa?
do/did you hear the robin this morning?
k'namiton abon taka?
do/did you see the bed there?
n'kadi nôji namihô n'mahom
I want to go see my grandfather
n'kadi namiton alidegwaôn
I want to see your face
n'kadi agakimzi pedgia
I want to study when I return
n'kadiba saosa pamlôgwik
I would like to go out tonight
paiôana, k'papibnaji
if you come, we will play
chowiji asokwat almegisgak
surely-it-will be cloudy throughout the day
kinawa koa
look at the pine tree
k'wigi linto?
do you like to sing?
namito kagwi
s/he sees something
alni ni kd'idamen
do you joke
pona k'zid nidali
put your foot there
ôda msali kizi Alnôbaôdwahadit
there-are-not many who can speak Native
wa phanem kizi Iglismônôdwa
this woman can speak English
kiziba miliana paks?
If you could give me a/the box?
tôni legiskat?
how's the weather?
good day; it is a good day
ôda wlegisgadowi
it is not good weather
bad weather
nd'elaldam soglônji pamgisgak
I-think it-will-rain today
is it cloudy?
kbaa klôgan
close the door
pidigada wigwômek
let's enter a/the house
tôwdana tawzôgan
open the window
n'wigiba michi
I-would-like to-eat
eat (IMP/AI)
miji wios
eat some meat (IMP/TI)
mowa aples
eat an apple (IMP/TA)
mowa aplesa
s/he eats an/the apple (OBV)
n'mowô aples
I-eat a/the apple (TAi/d)
io aples wji kia
here-is an-apple for you
nawji aplesak sowipogwzoak
some apples are sour
n'pahami kezalmô piches ôdaki aples
I-more like a peach than an apple
I eat (AI)
I-will-eat (AI)
we-eat (AI/ex)
we-will-eat (AI/ex)
miji io skamon
eat this corn (IMP/TI)
n'mijin io skamon
I-eat this corn (TId)
n'mijinana io skamon
we-eat (ex) this corn
nawa abida tawipodik
come let-us-sit at-the-table
mowa wawizôwagweziliji
s/he is eating a/the carrot (OBV)
wawizôwagweziliji pahami wligoa
his/her-carrot is better (more good)
wskinosis askwa chowalma podina
the-boy still wants (want more) pudding
tôni kd'eliwitamen?
how do you call it?
tôni ni kd'eliwitamen Alnôbaiwi?
how do you call that in Native (Abenaki)?
tôniba kd'idamen Iglismoniwi?
how-would you-say-it in-English?
n'wigiba wawaldamen tôni liwitôzo ni Alnôbaiwi?
I-would-like to-know-it how one-calls that in Abenaki?
nawji nsijibôdwak
some-people speak-three-languages
speak-Abenaki-well (IMP); s/he-speaks-Abenaki-well
kiziba hlin tôni kd'eliwitamen io Alnôbaiwi?
could you tell me how-you-call this in-Abenaki?
liwlaldamana pahami-manni-klozi
please speak-more-slowly
mina ni wita
say that again
nolilawakôgan ni
that is pleasing to me
Alnôba chowi Alnôbaôdwa
a-Native should speak-Native/Abenaki
ôda n'wawaldamowen kagwi kadi alokahadit agmôwô
I-do-not-know what they want to do
kagwi kadi lalokak?
what do they want to do?
kagwi kadi alokahadit?
what is it that-they-want-to-do?
do you speak Abenaki?
n'wawtamen kd'elôdwawôgan tagassiwi
I-understand your-language a-little-bit
n'michi ali kadopia
I eat because I'm hungry
niga atoba
I suppose so
tôni liwi?
in which way?