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ni abazi?
That stick? (NI)
io abazi?
This stick?
nilil abazial?
Those sticks?
iolil abazial?
These sticks?
ôhô, awani ni abazi?
Yes, whose stick is that?
ôhô, awani nihi abazia?
Yes, whose tree/trees is that/are those?
ôhô, awani io abazi?
Yes, whose stick is this?
ôhô, awani iohi abazia?
Yes, whose tree/trees is this/are these?
ôhô awani nilil abazial?
Yes, whose sticks are those?
ôhô, awani iolil abazial?
Yes, whose sticks are these?
nia ni nd'abazim.
That's my stick.
nia na nd'abazim
that's my tree
nia io nd'abazim
this is my stick
nia wa nd'abazim
this is my tree
nia nilil nd'abazimal
those are my sticks
nia nigik nd'abazimak
those are my trees
nia iolil nd'abazimal
these are my sticks
nia iogik nd'abazimak
these are my trees
Pial ni wd'abazim
That's Peter's stick
Pial nihi wd'abazima
That is/those are Peter's tree/trees
Pial io wdabazim
This is Peter's stick
Pial iohi wd'abazima
This is/these are Peter's tree/trees
Pial nilil wd'abazimal
Those are Peter's sticks
Pial iolil wd'abazimal
These are Peter's sticks