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Kia ato kolôma.
I guess you're right.
ni ali witama.
I say it so, that's the way I say it
Ni, ato, waji
That, I guess, is why
Ni agwa waji ...
That, they say, is why ...
Tôni kwanalokaan?
How long do you work?
Negwedsanda, ni kwanalokaa.
One week, that's how long I work.
Askwa ndalipi.
I am still eating.
If you have eaten
Have you eaten?
W'monim ta w'monima.
Her money and her dollar.
Nwigôdam tôni adoji namasowihlôa.
I'm happy whenever I turn into a fish.
nôdodaida ta ôbodaida
Go visiting and return from visiting
Ndelosa tawipodik. Kodosa tawipodik.
I walk to the table. You walk from the table.
N'dalaloka adalalokaa
I am working where I work
Tôni adali?
Which place?
here, this place
that there, that place
minaJI n'nôdaloka
I WILL go to work again
minaBA n'nôdaloka
I WOULD go to work again
I have come back from work
I head to work
I have worked, can work
minaji k'namihol
I'll see you again
tabnaji k'namihol
I'll see you later
tôni kdELinôgwziN?
how do you look?
ni ndELinôgwziN
I look like that
Nd'elosa ta nodosa
I walk to there and I walk from there
Tôni kodosa?
Where are you coming from?
Tôni kdelosa?
where are you going to?
N'nodam kagwi
I hear something
ôda kagwi n'nodamo
I don't hear anything
Do you help me?
Help yourself
kd'achowi agakimziba
youPL must study