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awani kia?
who are you?
Azô nia
I am John
Azônis nia
I am Jean
Toglas nia
I am Douglas
Sakso nia
I am James
Alizôbat nia
I am Elizabeth
kia achi?
you too?
awani wa?
who is this? (someone)
awani na?
who is that one?
Azô wa
this is John
Azô na
that is John
Toglas wa
this is Douglas
Toglas na
that is Douglas
Sakso wa
this is James
Sakso na
that is James
Alizôbat wa
this is Elizabeth
Alizôbat na
that is Elizabeth
awani agma?
who is she or he?
Azô agma
he is John
Toglas agma
he is Douglas
Sakso agma
he is James
Alizôbat agma
she is Elizabeth
Mali agma
she is Mary
awani kidôba?
who is your friend?
nidôba agma
s/he is my friend
nidôbaskwa Mali
my friend is Mary
nidôba Azô
my friend is John
nidôbaskwa Azônis
my friend is Jeannie
nidôba Sakso
my friend is James
nidôbaskwa Alizôbat
my friend is Elizabeth
nidôba Toglas
my friend is Douglas
Wôbanaki Simo
Simon the Abenaki
aliwihlegaa SImo
the-way-that-I'm-called-is Simon
Alnôba Wôbanaki
an Abenaki Native