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N-pattern: Given is specific + TId

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k'miliN ni?
Are you giving me that?
ôhô, k'mileleN ni
Yes, I give you that
k'milôn ni?
Are you giving him/her that?
ôhô, n'milôn ni
Yes, I’m giving him/her that
k'milgoN ni?
Is they giving you that?
ôhô, n’milgoN ni
Yes, they is giving me that
K'milôna na awôssis nihi aplesa?
Are you giving that child that apple?
Ôhô, n'milôna na awôssis iohi aplesa.
Yes, I am giving that child this apple.
k'milôNAnawa na awôssis NIHI aplesa
we give that child THAT apple
Ôdahaji k'milelowwenana ni awighigan.
We won't give youPL that book.
Kigawess agwaji k'milgonana ni awighigan.
Your mother, they say, will give us that book.
K'miliNô na namas?
Y'all are giving me that fish?
Ôhô, n'mileleNAna na namas.
Yes, we're giving you that fish.
ôdahaji k'milelowwenôk nigik wôkwsessak.
I won't give youPL those foxes
I give her it
k'milôNAna wios
we give her IT/THE meat
k'mileleNAna wios
we give you IT/THE meat
k'miliNôk nigik abaziak?
Are youPL giving me those trees?
k'miliNôl nilil abazial?
Are youPL giving me those sticks?
k'miliNAnawak nigik abaziak?
Are you giving us those trees?
k'miliNAnawal nilil abazial?
Are you giving us those sticks?
k'mileleNôk nigik pakholiganak.
I'm giving youPL those drums.
k'mileleNôl nilil siziwanal.
I'm giving youPL those rattles.
k'mileleNAnawak nigik pakholiganak?
Are we are giving you those drums?
k'mileleNAnawal nilil siziwanal?
Are we are giving you those rattles?
k'milôNô iohi abazia?
Are you giving him this/these trees?
k'milôNAnawa nihi pakholigana?
Do we give him those drums?
k'milgoNô nihi pakholigana?
Is they giving you that drum?
k'milgoNAnawa nihi pakholigana?
Is they giving us that drum?
ôda n'wawaldamowen
I don't know
nd'askawiton ni
I'm waiting for that (inanimate thing)
k'namiton abon taka?
do/did you see the bed there?
s/he notices/sees it
n'kadi namiton alidegwaôn
I want to see your face