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Tôni alosaakw?
Where is it that youPL walking to?
Nd’elosabna kpiwi.
We are walking to the woods.
Tôni alagosaakw?
Which direction is it that youPL are going?
Nd’elagosabna alnakaiwi.
The way we go is to the right.
Tôni alalokaakw?
What is it that youPL are doing?
Nd’elagimônawak, ni alalokaak.
We’re directing them, that’s what we’re doing.
Tôni alagakimiakw?
How are youPL teaching us?
Nd’elagakimzibna, ni alagakimlakw.
The way we learned, that’s the way that we teach youPL.