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6 Step Singular (N-pattern)

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k'miliN ni?
Are you giving me that?
ôhô, k'mileleN ni
Yes, I give you that
k'milôn ni?
Are you giving him/her that?
ôhô, n'milôn ni
Yes, I’m giving him/her that
k'milgoN ni?
Is they giving you that?
ôhô, n’milgoN ni
Yes, they is giving me that
kDAsamin ni?
Are you feeding me that?
ôhô, kDAsamelen ni
Yes, I’m feeding you that
kdasamôn ni?
Are you feeding him that?
ôhô, ndasamôn ni
Yes, I feed him/her that
kdasamgon ni?
Does s/he feed you that?
ôhô, ndasamgon ni
Yes, s/he feeds me that
kd'ihlin ni?
Are you telling me that?
ôhô, kd'ihlelen ni
Yes, I tell you that
kd'ihlôn ni?
Are you telling him/her that?
ôhô, nd'ihlôn ni
Yes, I tell him/her that
kd'ihlegon ni?
Does s/he tell you that?
ôhô, nd'ihlegon ni
Yes, s/he tells me that
k'namithlin ni?
Are you showing me that?
ôhô, k'namihlelen ni
Yes, I show you that
k'namithlôn ni?
Are you showing him/her that?
ôhô, n'namithlôn ni
Yes, I show her that
k'namithlegon ni?
Does s/he show you that?
ôhô, n'namithlegon ni
Yes, she shows me that