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when/as you give me it
If you give me it
when/as she gives me it
If she gives me it
when/as she gives you it
If she gives you it
when I give him or her
when you give us
when youPL give me
when they give me
when you give her
when youPL give her
kagwi waji ôda milôwwan?
why don't you give her it?
ôda milôwwôna
if I don't give her it
kagwi waji wlamalsiÔNa?
Why if I'm healthy?
kagwi waji wlamalsiA?
Why am I healthy?
tôni adalalokaan?
where do you work?
awani kazalmôan?
who do you love?
awani kazalmegoan?
Who loves you?
kagwi kazaldaman?
What do you love?
If you walk from there
When you walk from there
ôda miliwwakka
IF you don't give us it
ôda milôwwakkwA...
IF we don't give her it...
ôda milelowwakkA...
IF we don't give you it...
kagwi waji ôda miliwwakk?
why are you not giving us it?
kagwi waji ôda milôwwakkw?
why are we not giving her it?
kagwi waji ôda milelowwakk?
why are we not giving you it?
kagwi waji ôda wlamalsimmokw?
why doesn't one feel good?
kagwi waji wlamalsimek?
why does one feel good?
kagwi waji ôda wlamalsiKW?
why doesn't she feel good?
kagwi waji wlidahôziT?
why is she happy?
kagwi waji wlamalsiT?
why is she healthy?
Kagwi waji ôda wlamalsiwwan?
why do you not feel good?
kagwi waji ni ôda wlipogwadonnokw?
why doesn't that taste good?
kagwi waji ni wlipogwak?
why does that taste good?
kagwi waji milgoan?
why is she giving you it?
kagwi waji milelan?
why am I giving you it?
kagwi waji milôan?
why are you giving her it?
Kagwi waji ôda miliwwan ni?
Why are you not giving me that?
kagwi waji milian?
why are you giving me it?
kagwi waji ôda milôwwa ni?
Why aren't I giving her it?
kagwi waji milok?
why do I give her it?
Kagwi waji ôda miliwwakw ni wios?
Why won't youPL give me that meat?
Kagwi waji ôda milgowwakw ni wios?
Why won't she give youPL that meat?
Kagwi waji ôda wijokamgowwakw?
Why won't she help youPL?
Nolamalsi, ni waji wlidahôzia.
I'm healthy, therefore I'm happy.
Kagwi waji milian ni? K'wikodmawin ni, ni waji mil(e)lan ni.
Why do you give me that? You ask me for it, therefore I give you that.
Ni adalalokat
That's where she works
Tôni adali wigian? N'wigi anaskemeziikok.
Where do you live? I live among the oak trees.
Tôni adali papit? Ôttalipapo abaziikok
Where does he play? He continues to play there among the trees
kagwi achowaldaman?
what (inanimate thing) do you want?
awani achowalmôan?
who do you want?
kagwi askawitoan?
what are you waiting for?
kagwi askawitoakw?
what are you (plural) waiting for?
tôni wadosaan?
Where are you walking from?
tôni wigian?
where do you live/reside?
the way that I feel
kagwi namitoan? Awighigan ni namitoa.
What do you see? That’s the book that I see.
kagwi nodaman? Lintowôgan ni nodama.
What do you hear? That's a song that I hear.
kagwi malôdaman? Makezen ni malôdama.
What do you smell? That's a moccasin that I smell.
kagwi mijian? sata ni mijia
What do you eat? that’s a blueberry that I eat.
kagwi kadosmian? nebi ni kadosmia.
What do you drink? That’s water that I drink
awani namih8an? nigawes na namihok
Who do you see? That's my mother that I see.
kagwi ni milian? awighigan ni milelan.
What are you giving me? I'm giving you a book.
kagwi ni milôan? awighigan ni milok.
What are you giving him? I'm giving him a book.
kagwi waji ni malôdaman? wlimôgwat, ni waji malôdama.
Why do you smell that? It smells good, that’s why I smell it.
kagwi waji ni idaman?
why do you say that?
wlimôgwat ni malôdama
it smells good that thing I smell
wlipogwat ni mijia
it tastes good that thing I eat
wlitôgwat ni nodama
it sounds good that thing I hear
wlinôgwat ni namitoa
it looks good that thing I see