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Obviative: s/he in relation to s/he

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Awani nihi wigawesa?
Whose mother is that?
Awani nihi w'nijôna?
Whose child is that?
Azô nihi wigawesa
That is John's mother
Awani iohi wd'aplesema?
Whose apple is this?
Awôssis nihi wd'aplesema
That is the child's apple
Ôhô, n'milôna na awôssis iohi aplesa.
Yes, I am giving that child this apple.
k'milôBna awôssis aplesa
we give A child AN apple
k'milônna NA awôssis aplesa
we give THAT child an apple
k'milôNAnawa na awôssis NIHI aplesa
we give that child THAT apple
K'milôna na awôssis nihi aplesa?
Are you giving that child that apple?
K'milôwô na wôkwses namasa?
Are youPL giving that Fox a fish?
Ôhô, n'milônna na wôkwses namasa
Yes, we are giving that Fox a fish
w’migakômô pmôwzowinnowa
s/he fights the people (TAd)
Ôda, ôda n'milôwinna na wôkwses namasa
No, we are not giving that Fox a fish
Ôda k'milôwiwô na wôkwses namasa?
Are youPL not giving that Fox a fish?
Ôhô, Ôda n'milôwi na wôkwses namasa
Yes, I'm not giving that Fox a fish
K'milgonna wôkwses namasa
A Fox gives us (a) fish
Ôda k'milôwi na wôkwses namasa?
You are not giving that Fox a fish?
K'milôba wôkwses namasa
YouPL give a fox (a) fish
Ôhô, n'milôBna almos namasa.
Yes, we're giving a dog (a) fish.
K'milôwô na almos namasa?
YouPL are giving that dog (a) fish?
Ôda k'milôPPa almos namasa?
YouPL are not giving a dog (a) fish?
Ôhô, ôda n'milôPPena almos namasa.
Yes, we're not giving a dog (a) fish.
Ôhô, n'milônna na almos namasa.
Yes, we're giving that dog (a) fish.
Ôda k'milôWlwô na almos namasa?
Y'all are not giving that dog (a) fish?
Ôhô, ôda n'milôWInna na almos namasa
Yes, we're not giving that dog (a) fish.
K'milôBa almos namasa?
Y'all are giving a dog (a) fish?
W'namihô nihi almosa?
She sees that dog?
W'namihôwô nihi almosa?
They see that dog?
Awani iohi wdamisa?
Whose dog is this?
Azô nihi wdamisa
That is John's dog
wigawesa nihi abiliji
his/her mother is that one who sat
abilit wigawesa
when his/her mother sat