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Story 1: Koaiagwôdawas by Théophile Panadis

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tônwa awani maskawôt koaiagwôdawasa
whoever someone-is who-finds pine-fungus
ôttali nadawzit wskitkamigwa
continuing/growing-there the-most-rare-thing on-earth
msegwikwi wlalmegwzowinoo
s/he-greatly is-a-blessed-person
kanwa kikiziba meskawô nananhiwi
but you-can find-him/her by-chance
ni kwaskwai pazgweda
and just once
pajidbihlôt wski alnôbasis
when-it-happened to-a-young-man
pami nosawôptasit
as he-was-tracking
tassadna kakchi wajok
on-a-mountain a-giant mountain-at
ni adali padôptasit adali pôgwigihidit kakchi koaak
and there, when-he arrived-by-following-tracks there where-there-are-pure ancient-pines
ni adali nananhikawôt wd'agwôdawasema
and there by-chance-s/he-comes-to his-fungus
ni kanwa kadawi-katkanôt, iotta awanihi wji klolegon
and however when-he-was-about-to-dig-it-out, from right-here someone spoke-to-him
akwi ni laloka
don't do that
ôda nitta
not right-now
pedgi k'wigwômek
return to-your-house
ni k'minaosan
and you-may-come-again (SBJ)
k'wanaskawôji platta natami kchi phanem
you-will-meet-one, wait for the first old woman
niji k'nadodmôgon
and-will she-ask-you-something
tôni alosaan?
where are-you-going?
I-take-a-stroll, short-walk (AI)
niji awasiwesi kdak winasosis kd'ademikawôn
and a-little-further on another old woman you-will-encounter
niji k'nadodmôgon na achi
and-will she-ask-you-something that-one also
kagwi kwilawatoan?
what are you looking for?
nôji katkanô koaiagwôdawas
I'm going to-pull pine-fungus
kchi wlinebizôn agwa na
very good-medicine they-say that-one-is
ni na winasosis adoji idak
and that old lady verily said
kolômasi nosesis
you-are-truthful little-grandchild
wlinebizônohoki na
it-is-good-medicine-indeed that-one
ni kanwa tôjebaadoo
and however another-kind /on-the-otherhand
kchi majalmegwzowôganoo na achi
s/he-is-a-great-curse that-one also
you pay attention (listen) to me
kd'awôssiswi, akwi katkana nitta
you-are-a-child, do-not pull-it right-now
askawôbi, tagwôgwiga
watch-and-wait, next-fall
askwa chigitawa w'môjagin
still allow-him/her so-they-may-grow (SBJ)
k'pahamiwiji wlôbatlegw
it-will-be-better his/her/use-to-you
wibiwitta nôzna
just touch-him/her (IMP)