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Story 3: Pedegwajois by Théophile Panadis

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ni ôzoka agwa
so it-is-told they-say
io-odanak achi
in-this-village also
wd'ainaza Medawlinno
that-there-once-may-have-been a-supernatural practicioner
ni kizi salakiwi
and had at-one-point
pita kachiawit
ni w'môja-kwilawôbin
and he-may-have-begun-searching-around
ni w'kwagwaji-kagakinawôn
and he-may-try-to-choose-him
pazgoa achowi nôbkôgojit
the-one-who should replace-him-in-the-future
ni iodali
and this-place (here)
odanak lakamigassa
in-the-village how-it-must-have-been (the-tradition/way of acting)
kizi kizôbait
already he-is-a-man
wski alnôba
a young-man
ni kanwa pita kinôbain
but he-must really be-a-brave-man
ta wlidbi-mlikitôzin
and be-properly-strongly-made
niga pazgoa w'kagakinawôn
therefore one he-may-choose-him
ni wikwimôn w'menehanomek
and he-may-call-him to-his-island
ni wd'ihlôn ...
and he-may-tell-him-it ...
"Ni achowi lalokaan nemô Pitawbagok!"
"So you must do-it-this-way there on-Lake-Champlain!"
"Mamiliwi menahan-ji k'namito."
"Far-offshore an-island-will you see."
idam-ni, "ni k'nôji-tozgomen."
and-he-said, "there you-go to-spend-the-night"
"niji almelôgwihlôk"
"and-will during-the-night"
"niji sôkhi-kedokwazinô, Padôgiak"
"and-will hear-them-calling-as-they-approach, the Thunders"
idam-ni, "atassitta nodawôana ..."
and-he-said, "each-time if-you-hear-them ..."
"Padôgi kedokwazo, mamilibia"
"A-Thunder call-out, paddle-out-far-from-shore"
"ni k'nôji-wanaskawôn mamiliwi nebesek."
"and you-go-meet-him far-from-shore in-the-lake."
"ni achowi tali wanaskawahôn."
"and should there meet-him"
idam-ni, "mlikigo na"
and-he-said, "he-is-strong that-one."
idam-ni, "wijokamegon Kezelômsen."
and-he-said, "he-is-helped-by The-Wind."
ta pita, aida, mliksano
and very, um, he-is-strong
idam-ni, "kizi-sôbôwziana nanatamia ..."
and-he-said, "if-you-can-come-through-alive the-first-one ..."
"k'nôdagôn k'menahanomek."
"you-go-ashore on-your-island."
idam, "niji nanôgaiwi..."
he-said," and-will soon-afterwards..."
"niji mina kedak kiz-pmi-kedokwazin."
"there-will more another you-can-hear-around-calling."
idam, "nitta mina nôbi kd'elalokan."
he-said, "immediately again the-same you-do."
"nôji wanaskawôn"
"you-go meet-him."
"ni mina sôbôwziana, na nisalabit..."
"and again if-you-survive-him, that second-one..."
idam, "akwi palôbalda."
he-said, "don't dispair."
"tôbawôz kassôbaowak."
seven together-they-are-born (they are 7 brothers)."
idam-ni, "adali nsônôgwzit..."
and-he-said, "the-most dangerous-one..."
"na tôbawôza-alabit"
"that-one, the seventh-one-he-is."
"ni kizi sôbkawôana na..."
"and able-to you-pass-through-him that-one..."
"niji sibiwi kizi, aida, nôbkawian."
"then-will afterwards be-able, um, you-to-take-my-place."
ni na liwizo Pedegwajois
and that-one he-is-called Little-Round-Mountain
pita ato sahagigosa
very I-guess he-was-competent (tough/strong)
wzômi litta askwa pamgisgak tbelôgwzo
because/so much until still today he-is-talked-about