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Story 5: Alsigôntekw by Théophile Panadis

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Ni ga kd'ôdokawlenô altôgwak kizi nôwat
So it-is I-tell-you what- happened (what was heard/the news from) long-ago
waji lôdokazihidit n'kchaiomenawak
from what-they-talk-about our-elders
ali Pastoniak salakiwi
how the Americans at one point
lestamohodit ali Wesôgenaizibok oswadagen paami wligek
when-they-heard that on-the-Algonquin-River (St-Lawrence) that-the-fur-is-better
taba ta tmakwak paami mamsegilohodit
and that the beavers were bigger
Ni sôgawi adoji kizidahôzihidit
so then they decided
wji wakasswa Wôbanakia lagimôhôdit
to a few Abenakis send
ga ni sibok
there on that river
wji nôji manohowidahadit oswadagen
for them-to-go-to-buy fur
Kepak ta Madôbalodenik
at-Quebec and at-Three-Rivers
Ni, niga wdelagwi môjakanninô
so, then they started out travelling
lagwiwi Kwenitegok
in the direction of the-Connecticut-River
lagwiwi Wlastegok
towards the-St. John River
ni wd'agwdamenô Kchitekw
then they went up the-big-river (St-Lawrence)
li ga ni odanaikok
to get there among the towns (Quebec and Three Rivers)
Ni adoji saagi pmakannikhozinô
And it was a very difficuly journey-by-their-own-effort
kaginijoan ta kwagani onigano
hard-current and very-long portaging
ni adoji kizidahôzihidit
that they-decided
"Pedgiagwa-ji paliwi kd'elagwi pedgibna!"
"When-we-will-make-our- return, a-different way we-will-go-back!"
"Ni kd'agwedamenanaji Kchitekw"
"so we-will-go-up-stream the-Big-River"
li sôgdahlôk Alsigôntekw
to-where it-flows-out the-St-Francis River
niji ni Alsigôntekw kd'agwdamenana li mamategwak
then we will go-upstream to the-very-end-of-the-river
niji k'dali ôdawa losanana
then beyond there we will go
ni k'dali wanaskamnana ni mina Kwenitekw
and we-there-meet there again the-Connecticut-River
Paamiji nd'elaldam wlitbakannibna!
More-will I-think we-travel-well
ni kahala!
that's for certain!
Ni adoji agwedaamohodit io aida Ôsogenaizibok
Then they-went-up-stream on-this Algonquin-River
Ni nemô paiôdit
And there, when-they-arrived
pabômiwi pasodaokamohodit sôgedahlôk sibo
about when-they-approach the-outlet (of) the-river
ni ni nebes ao
and there the lake is
ta kwinata msi-kaska sibo
and it is very big-and-wide the river
ni negwedôs, tôbawôz kasta mialal Kwenôgama
there six, seven so-many miles Lake Saint Pierre
ni w'dali wanaskawônô ni Pilowimagwa
and there they met then strange-Iroquois (St. Lawrence Iroquoians)
Ni agwa adoji channagohodit
And they-say that-they-stopped-them
ni wd'idamenô, “Tôni maowi kiôwô wadosaakw?"
and they said, "where are you coming from?"
idam, "Nd'ôbi nôdosanana Kepak ta madôbalodenik, nd'ôbi nimskawôbna oswadagenol."
he said, "We-have-gone to-Quebec and Three-Rivers. We- have-gone-to-get furs."
ôda wajônôppa temakwa nemô lagwiwi?
You don't have beavers there your-way?
Sogata! Kanwa, paami ga pabiwesswak nda toji wligenowi madagen.
But, more are small not very good skin.
Idam ni, Nebagagimganana waji manohowôk io pebonkiidemakwak.
And-he-said, They-sent-us to buy here northern-beavers.
Idam, "ni ga kd'agakimlenana achowi lalokamek"
He-said, "then we’re going we-teach-you what-must one-do."
idam aida, "k'kadenemolnana koswadagenomwôn. ôda awassiwi kd'elosadolnô."
he said um, "we-take your-fur. You go no further with them."
ta achi ôdahaba kagwessa kd'elimamagaoloppena
And also would-not something we-do-you-any-harm.
wa azitaji awani
but to-each-and-every-one
nd'ômjôlazôna wanskwejôla
we-will-cut-a-piece-of-nose the-end-of-the-nose
wjiji ôda mina iodali namiogwezikw io lakamigwiwi
so-will not again here you-be-seen in-this-country
idam ni kd'agwedakamenô sibo
he said then, "you-go-up the-river"
ni k'môjinô wajiôwiakw
and you-leave-for your-proper-place
ni akwi mina lakwamigwiwi
and don’t again be-in-this-region
tônwa temezôzik w'jôl
anyone who has a cut nose
niji temôdebazôn!
and-will their-head-be-cut-off!