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Story 6: Manôgemas by Elvine Obomsawin

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maasa abitôziga
before being-inhabited
early, beforehand
pahami nisategwa kassigaden
more-than two-hundred years-ago
when it was very calm
ni alnôbak
then the-Natives
ôda kwina ato msalowiak
not very I guess they were numerous
nôji ni aida w’pikagôbianô menahanikok
go there um, they paddle across, to the islands
waji wd’ahkikônwô tbinamôhôdit
to their-fields that-they-look-after
ni pazgo, aida, phanem
and one, um, woman
w'bikagôbia spôzwiwi, waospôzaldamok Wôbanakiak
she paddled across in the morning, they rise always early in the morning The Abenaki
ni waji liwizihidit Wôbanaki
that’s why they are called Abenaki
early dawn risers
ni wdelosan, aida
so she goes, um
niga w’môjabian
then she-began-paddling
ni ato wlawibenosa
and I-guess the air becomes quiet
ni w’môjabian, aida, menahanok
and she starts-paddling, um, to the island
ni ni ali wlawibek
and there as it-is-calm
ni w’nodawôn
and she heard someone
piwtôgwat awani kalozit ...
a-little-sound of-someone who-was-speaking ...
paki, piwsesijik pmôzowinnoak
clearly, little people
nod-idamen aida “ôbalôbi.”
Heard-saying, um, “look-behind you.”
klozwôganis nawtôgwat
the-little-speaking is-disturbing (shakes-her-up)
look-behind-you (IMP)
“kia sasôgibian”
“you paddle uselessly”
ni kaala
that's for sure
niga w’nodamen
then she-heard-it
na kchi phanemis
that little old woman
klozwôgan ni adoji lagôbihlôt
speaking so then she-looked-towards it (looks in that direction)
alabi-nodak awani klozit
as-she-sat-hearing-something, someone who-spoke
ni, alitta na, ôbalôbit
then, just-as that-one, when-she-looks-behind
one of the race of mythical underwater creatures
ni manitta kwenamihôgwat wigwaol
and immediately she-saw-pointing-up a-canoe
manitta kwedazo wigwaol
right-away it-disappeared the-canoe
ni aida
and um
wawinôgwat kassialokahadit sebôiwi sibok
it-was-apparent that-they-worked-together along-the-edge on-the-river
aida, mazalôpskwi alokawôgan
um, clay work (working clay)
askwa sawi (ôda?) n’meskamOPpna?
still sometimes we-NOT-find-them?
pagaia, aida, wd’alokawôganoo alalokahadit
a part/piece, um, he-is-worked that-they-made
pedegwôgwsegil senal mazalôpskwiol
smal-round-shaped-things stones clay-ones
niga ni n’nôdôkaogonana
so then the-way-they-told-us
pazgo, nokemesisna
the-one, our-grandmother
okemesa, aida, aladahôbit
her grandmother, um, how-she-sees
askwa Manôgemasa wd’abitamenôb odana
still the-Manôgemas they-had-inhabited the-town
mamaasa môja-bajoldihidit Alnôbak
early-on when-they-started-to-show-up the Natives