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Story 7: Roger's Raid by Théophile Panadis

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n'kwagwaji ôdokôdamen
I'll-try to-tell-it
io kôgassigaden
here many-years-ago
aliwizit Iglismôn Rogers
the-one-who-it-called Englishman Rogers
ôbinôskak kd'odanana
when-the-way-he-came-to our-village
wji alôdokazihidit kchaiak
from the-way-they-talked the-elders
idamok ali mahôwi
they-say that just
Alnôbak pagatkannoldihidit wji kpiwi
the-Abenaki when-they-came-back from being-in-the-woods
ni w'dali mahahlônô
that there they-gathered
ni mziwitta-kassit Alnôba w'dali maahlôn
there every-single Abenaki there assemble
negônigamikw aosa io kwahliwi aiamiawigamigok
the-old-house used-to-be here near to-the-church
ni adali wiagôzikhôzihidit
that's where they-enjoyed-themselves
ni ni alemidebakak
and there late-in-the-night
w'dali paiôn
there he-came
pilewaka liwizo Mahigani
a-stranger called Mahikan
ni w'nôji wawôjmin ...
and he-was-going to-warn ...
wawôdokawô Wôbanakia
to-tell-them the-Abenaki
polwakhokw kd'awôsisemowôk ...
to-make-your-escape your-children ...
ta k'phanemomwôk ...
and your-women ...
ni kchaiomwôk
and your-elders
pamidbakak nitta-akwôbi-nabiwi wzômi ...
this-very-night as-soon-as-possible because ...
saba spôzwiwi kwakwataolgonô
tomorrow morning they-kill-you
ni kahala, ni polwadin
and indeed, then they-ran-away
wakasta mail
a-few miles
tali ni w'dali kôtlezinô
there that place-at they-hid-themselves
liwitôzik Sibosek
it-its-called At-the-Brook
ni sanôbak agmôwô wd'ainô waji apchigôbotamohodit odana
and the-men they stayed so-that they-protect the-village
ni w'mahagenemenô
there they-gathered-it (by hand)
adali mesgwikwek wigwôm ni wlawakaktônô taôlawiba wakwôlozin
at the-big house and they-used-it like-would-be a-fort
ni adali aodoldihidit ni wji alagwinôgwak
and there when-they-fought that from the way it looks
taka aiamiawigamigok
there at-the-church
wdagwi noskozowak Rogers ta w'sanôbama
that's-where they-went-to-surprise-them Rogers and his-men
ni ga w'kizi apchigôbotamenô li achakwiwik
and it-is they-could fight-them-off until morning
ni achakwiwik pakalmegwat ôda almi aodiwen
and the-next-day surely not continue fighting
ni akwôbi lestama
and as-much as-I-hear
ni w'pedgakannikhozinô wôbigijik
then they-went-back-by-their-own-effort the-whites
wd'agwdakamenô sibo
they-went-up-stream the-river
ni Alnôbak w'nosokozinô
and the-Abenakis followed-them
akwôbi pegwatohodit
as-much-as they-deserved
wji kokwawôdit
in-order-to push-him
ôda milôôdikw, aida, kizokw
not to-give-them, um, time
waji nawadadialihidit ala kakwsa mahagenemohodit
for when-they-hunt or something that-they-gather
ni wji altôgwak
and from how-it-sounds (as-it's-told)
paami msali machina wôbigit pedgakannit waji ôwihidit ndaki iodali
more numerous died that-were-white travelling-back to where-they-belonged than here