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Story 8: Masoliantegw by Edward Hannis

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niga nôwat
and-so-it-was long-ago
alkamigak io-lagwiwi
the-way-it-is in-this-region
ni môjoldin pami nanôwi-nibek
that people-depart during mid-summer
n'môjoldin(ana)... pozoldin iodali wigwaolek ala patosek
(our)-people-depart ... people-embark this-place by-canoe or by-boat
n'môjoldinana msegwikok Moliantegok
our-people-depart en-masse (in-a-large-group) on-the-Montreal-river (The-Saint-Lawrence)
nawa almakannimek taôlawi
then one-continues-traveling like/um
wd'idamenô aijik nawaji paiôda Masoliantegw
they say that-they-stay stop-for-a-rest at-the sorel-river (The-Richelieu)
ni ni kanwa idam ôda kizi ni tali chakwsinôwwenana
and there however they-say not be-able-to there at we-not-spend-the-night
wzômi tali hlipinab ni
because there-at it-was-frightful there
negwejijebi ni kezipkagon Masoliantegw
in-that-one-place that he-does-it-fast the-sorel-river
ni achowi idam...idamodit, "kina io!"
and must-be it's-said...that-they-say, "look here!"
io chigoaikok
here at-the-narrows
iodali nkhlikamek
here one-makes-murder