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Adjective Sentences

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wizôwigen n'môdlat
my coat is yellow
mkwigen w'maksam.
his blanket is red.
wôbigen w'pitkôzon.
her dress/coat is white.
wanibagol askaskwignol
the leaves are green
wibgwignol n'medasal
my socks are grey
w'sizegoal wlôwignol
her eyes are blue
minôbowignol pskwasawônal
the flowers are purple
klôgan mlikigen.
the door is strong.
kpaga k'môdlat
your coat is thick
majigoak nigik almosak
those dogs are bad
wskignol k'makezenal?
are your shoes new?
wsizegoal w'nojmignol.
his eyes are weak.
kwenagwzo na wksinnos
that young man is tall
chowi ato wligen.
I suppose it is good.
ndelaldam wligenba
I think it would be good
kamôji, pita ni wligen.
well, that's very good.
io tbaikisosôgan pita wligen.
this watch is very good.
tôni ligen kd'aki?
how is your land?
ôda kagwi wjignowi.
nothing came from it (it yielded no fruit)
paami msagen kd'akiwô.
your territory is bigger.
paami wlignol adbimnal nilil.
those are very good cherries.
wligen, ni kanwa paamiga wligen io.
it is good, but this one is better.
ôwdial alwa waijiwi pakignol.
the roads are almost always clear.
siwan ôda wlignowi? ôhô, siwan ôda wlignowi
salt isn't good? yes, salt isn't good.
abagigen kd'abaznoda? ôhô, abagigen nd'abaznoda.
is your basket flat? yes, my basket is flat.
pabasi wligen
half of it is good
ni ali môjagek
it grows so, that's the way it grows
ni ali môjagit
s/he grows so, that's they way s/he grows