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Malian and Elvine Obomsawin

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wada sanôba
this (EMP) man
wa phanem
this woman
wada pihan
this (EMP) rope
io sen
this stone
nada sanôba
that (EMP) man
nada phanem
that (EMP) woman
nada pihan
that (EMP) rope
nida sen
that (EMP) stone
iogik sanôbak
these men
iogik phanemok
these women
iolil senal
these stones
nigik sanôbak
those men
nigik phanemok
those women
nilil senal
those stones
kadna nilil senal
remove those stones
come here, s/he comes; then, therefore, so (PT)
tôni skweda
where is the fire
I am present
nd'ain io
I am present here / I'm living here
nia ni
that (NI) is mine
kia ni
that (NI) is yours
agma io
this is hers
kagwi io?
what is this?
come with me (DTV)
because, for; too much
kina pegwi
look at the sand
kina nebi
see/look at the water
kina asokw
look at the sky
kinawa kizos
look at the sun