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Story 9: Kchi Mos by Ambrose Obomsawin

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ahawôsiswiôna majimiwi n'wijawô n'mitôgwes
when I was young I always accompanied my father
nôdadialiji nemô Môdawaisibok
will-go-hunting there at-the-Mattawin-River
pabômiwi tôbawôz kassinska taba nôlan kasta mail awasiwi Saint-Michel-Le-Saint
about seventy five miles beyond Saint-Michel-Le-Saint
ni kinmsôgwata peni-bami-ponoik
and much-snow fell-during-the-winter
pabômiwi ngwedôz kassipia kpagabo wazôli
about six feet he-lies-thickly-piled the-snow
ni kwaskwaitta Alamikôwadimek
and at-exactly thanks-giving/getting-eachother-time (New-Year's-Day)
spôzwiwi askwa kôdak kôt kani pezegatap
in-the-morning still he was hidden there as it-was-dark
ni awani w'kedowhôdowin
and someone s/he-might-makes-a-noise
wiwniwi nd'ôbaksigamikwenok
around our-tent
ni n'mitôgwes adoji ômikit
and my-father then gets-up
ni wdelosan tawzôganek
and he-went to-the-window
waji kwakwaji namihôt ni awani na talhôdowit wiwniwi nd'ôbaksigamikwenok
to try to-see there who that-one-was active-there around our-tent
ni kanwa askwa wzômi pezegata
and however still to-much it-is-dark
waji kizi wawinawôt awanihi
in-order-to be-able for-him-to-recognize who-it-was
ni sôgawi wdenemen w'tmahiganis
so then he took-it-out his-little-ax
ni w'tôwdamen klôgan
and he-opened the-door
ni wli-waojitegwasinô kchi mosa
and comes-good-and-face-to-face-with-him a-big moose
ni adoji tagamôt nspiwi tmahiganis
then when-he-hit-him with the-little-ax
kwaskwaitta nansawiwi w'sizegwikok
right between his-eyes
ni wlinanôdegwitahôn
thus blinding-him-by-striking
ali kinigwagihlôt
because he-bleeds-a-lot
waji ôda kizi polwakw
from-he-is-not able to-escape
waji ôda kizi pazôbikw
because-he-is-not able to-see
kanwa pazgwentta
but never the less
ali kizi polwat pokwiwi
the-way he-can escape a-short-distance-away
waji kizi kôtlezit pamipizagak
fo he-can be-hidden in-the-thick-bushes
ni nia nigweniwi, n'kizi pitkazawan n'paskhigan
and I that-period-of-time, I-am-able-to load my-gun
ni n'kwilawahôn n'mozemenna pezegiwi
and I searched-for-him our-moose in-the-dark
ni sasalakiwitta kikajiwi saka wji ômpkildamen n'mozem
then all-of-a-sudden nearby he-standing rose-up my-moose
manniwitta alwa n'kezejihlô adoji kwahlialit
slowly almost I'm-startled so-much he-surprises-me
kanwa n'kizi paskhô pazgweda
but I'm-able to-shoot-him one-time
ta n'pakaldamen ali kizi ômawitahok
and I'm-sure that I-injured-him
n'namihô wzômi pamigiptasit kôgasta peniwi
I-see because during-he-tipped-over several-times downward
ta pita kinigwagihla
and very-much he-is-bleeding
ni adoji môjanaozamok
then I-started-chasing-him
ni nosokamen aligwagialôt
then I followed-it when-he-bleeds (his blood trail)
ni ali kwenegisga litta pezegatak
and that-way all-day-long until it-is-dark
ni n'doji sawton waji pemigiptasina
and I-so tired that I-tipped-over
ni sôgawi n'kadenô nd'ôgemak
and then I-took-off my-snow-shoes
ni noliton kchi wôlagw wazôlik waji tali chaksina
then I-made a big hole in-the-snow in-order-to there I-spend-the-night
ôdahaba-wzômi n'kizi-pedgi-môjiw li nd'ôbaksigamikwenok
because-could-not I-could-return-go to-our-tent
ni pamlôgwiwik wzômi nopaiwi nd'ai
there for-the-evening because so-far-away I-was
adali nodôiwi nisinska kasta mail weji n'wigwômnok
at less twenty miles from our-home (exclusive)
ni nawa achakwiwik waji-sawigwzia wôlagok
then the-next-morning when-I-came-crawling from-the-hole
ni toji wlegisgat
ôda nawa achi sipkinôgwadowi waji kizôjia
It-didn't also take-long for me-to-be-prepared
ôda wzômi kagwi n'wajônemo mijia
because I-did-not-have anything that-I-eat
wibi pagaiasis lejagenigan
only a-peice of-fry-bread
lagalat aliwihlômek
bannock is-the-way-one-calls-it
ni mina nolôgemabizin
so again I-put-my-snowshows-on-well
wji nkagiwi
for the-entire-day
ni papômiwi mail asma nemô paiôwwa
and about a-mail not-yet there that-I-arrive
salakiwitta alkwasa namiton kagwi makwigek
all-of-a-sudden while-en-route see something that-is-red
ôdahaba kolômawalemiw
not-would you-believe-me
kanwa ni wôlillak
but there it-is-the-very-truth
n'dali paiô segweskimenikok
I-at arrived among-raspberries
nigatta mina n'kadôgeman
and-so again I-took-off-my-snowshoes
ni psikôji n'pesanhozin spiwi segweskimenak litta wamipia
and immediately I-filled-myself with raspberries until I-had-enough-to-eat
ni ni wji n'môjin n'wigwômek ... n'wigwômnok
and from there I went home ... to-our-home
nemô paiô n'mitôgwes toji wigôdam
there arrived my-father very happy
waji wajamit taôlawibatta chijis
that he-kissed-me just-as-would a-baby
nitta wabanôgwzin w'dalôgwadebokôn
right-then it-looked-troubled he-cooked-the-evening-meal
ndelaldam wzômi nd'ôpchipeskwahlami
I-think to-much I-became-bloated
nisogweniwi ôda kagwi noji michiw
for-two-days nothing from I-eat
pizwiwi nd'ôhlôn ali kizipok segweskimenak
good-for-nothing I-repeatedy-told-him the-way the-ones-that-I-ate raspberries
ôda n'kadi wlômawalemegwi
he doesn't want-to (not-about-to) believe-me
ni ôzidaiwi agma n'kwahlialegon
and in-reply he-surprises-me
"padawi pagaia mozia waji adlôgwipia!"
"bring-me a-piece-of moose for my-dinner!"
na maôwi n'mozem pami naozamok kagiwi wji pizwiwi
that-one exactly my moose who-chased all-day for nothing
"ôda agma w'sahagi pemihlodawwia, moza
"not him he-difficult for-me-to-pursue, his-moose
kikajiwitta n'wigwômnok w'dali nabajilin
right-near our-house he-there was-killed
kahalaga pita madawtôzo
indeed he-was very wounded
nanôdegwezo ta achi n'poskwigôdatahôp
he-was-blind and also his-leg-was-broken
ni waji ôda kizi polwa li awasiwi!"
that's why he couldn't escape to far!"
ôdahaba ni kdak awani io w'kizi pajidebihlowen, wibitta nia
not-could that anyone-else here it-happen, only me